Frequently asked questions

Can FileLock lock anything? Even applications?
Yes.  On OS X, applications are really just folders and can be locked just as easily as any other folder.  FileLock does not descriminate about what kinds of files or folders you try to lock.

When I try to download FileLock it says my country is restricted.  Is there any way around this?
No.  We have strict export laws we have to follow regarding the distribution of FileLock.  We have a whitelist of country codes that has been given to us that we must check your IP address against, even if you are a US citizen living in a restricted country.

My credit card gets rejected when I try to purchase FileLock, but I know my information is valid.
Our credit card processing backend rejects connections coming from behind a proxy or otherwise hidden IP address.  If you are not behind a proxy and are still getting this problem, contact us and we can work through the problem.