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File encryption, the Mac way

We regret that due to a lack of resources to enhance and support the product, FileLock is no longer available for purchase. We will continue to make it available to download so that you may decrypt any .locked archives you may have; decryption does not require a license key. We extend our thanks to all of our customers for your support.

FileLock is an application for locking and securing your files using a powerful encryption algorithm. It is password-based, meaning you enter a password to lock your files and then later enter that same password to unlock them.

Once your files have been encrypted into a locked file, you can do anything with it - email, send over IM/Skype, backup, upload, etc... Our locked format is entirely portable and can be easily opened by any copy of FileLock on any computer (provided the correct password is entered, of course).

Technical details:
  • 448-bit Blowfish encryption
  • Threaded internals for excellent efficiency
  • Architecture independent file format (Intel and PowerPC)
  • Limitless in terms of maximum file size or amount of data
  • Built on the trusted and proven OpenSSL library bundled with OS X (More info)

Trial information:
  • 14 day fully-featured trial
  • When the trial has expired FileLock will not allow you to lock new files, but will always allow files to be unlocked. We never take away your ability to decrypt existing locked files.

Why use FileLock?
tiny_lock Secure your data
  We use one of the strongest encryption methods ever created, 448-bit Blowfish.
tiny_finder Finder integration
  The FileLock Finder plug-in provides quick locking and unlocking.
tiny_interface Drag and drop interface
  Intuitively easy to use interface based on dragging and dropping files.
tiny_mail Portability
  You can backup, upload, and send locked files without a problem.
tiny_check Verification
  We are very cautious about data loss, so we verify after encrypting to prevent it.
tiny_assistant Password Assistant
  Generate mathematically uncrackable passwords because your data is worth it.
tiny_delete Secure deletion
  Remove all traces of your sensitive files after locking using UNIX-powered file shredding.
tiny_smile Text Locker
  Encrypt and decrypt plain text to send secret messages around!
tiny_sparkle Sparkle Integration
  Keep FileLock up to date. (More info)
tiny_growl Growl Integration
  Receive notifications of finished operations.
(More info)